1. Great Beast Comics is proud to release of the first issue of Robert M Ball's extraordinary series Winter’s Knight, in both print and digital editions.

    Winter’s Knight: Day One is a wordless tale of an old Knight on a mysterious personal quest through an icy wilderness encountering nightmarish battles with the dark things in the forest and much, much worse. Sublimely depicted by Ball’s sharp and elegant shapes and his deft use of striking colour, each scene drips with emotion and atmosphere. This is feast of rich imagery which draws you in to this icy world and demands multiple readings.

    “This is all about the narrative driven by the art, pacing delivered through the beautiful pictures. …A wonderful blanket of a world, icy cold, blood red, all utterly stunning.” 
    – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International.

    48 pages, full colour.

    You can purchase the PRINT edition for £5.99 here

    and the DIGITAL edition for £1.50 can be found here.

    We’ll be releasing Winter’s Knight: Day Two in time for the Thought Bubble festival in November and don’t forget Rob also collaborates with Warwick Johnson Cadwell on the pretty-damn-amazing Dangeritis which sees it’s print release in the summer of this year.

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